Explore throws down a bass-heavy mix on Glitches

July 26th 2017

  • Explore :: Glitches Mix


Belgium-based producer Explore has a taste for trap beats, lo-fi sounds and large basslines, all delivered in under 60 seconds or less. The producer is notorious for posting short and sweet tracks on his Soundcloud, packing huge sounds into bite-sized tracks that have earned him a sizeable online following.

Chatting with Seduna, he confesses that he never plans his sets. Somehow Explore still manages to keep the mood at a constant high in this mix for Glitches. He jumps between smooth lo-fi beats and big room bangers, moving between heavy trap and disco in a flash. Repping tracks from pals in his trap group Losco as well as sampling a few of his own beats, the hour never gets boring as Explore’s mixing is about as quick as his track runtimes.


Listen back to the full show and interview here. Tune in to Glitches on FBi Radio, Thursdays 11pm to 1am.


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