Marcus Whale from Collarbones chats ‘The Comeback’

March 20th 2019

  • Marcus Whale :: Interview with Darren Lesaguis

With a comeback show fast approaching, one half of electronic pop-duo Collarbones, Marcus Whale dropped by the studio to catch Darren up.

Marcus spoke about humble beginnings on post-rock online forums, homophobic hecklers, lavish af photoshoots, and why the process of picking the right songs for a Collarbones set is so difficult.

“Sometimes it’s slim pickings in terms of finding a song that will feel good live, and that I can sing with ease. The Venn diagram of that, and the intersection of those two fields, is pretty small.”

Marcus goes on to describe how his lyricism and the Collarbones sound as a whole has evolved, and when to expect the next album(!!!) Re their comeback show at Sydney’s Red Rattler, expect well known Collarbones heavy hitters like ‘Hypothermia’ and ‘Turning’, as well as newer releases such as ‘A.I.’.

WHAT: Collarbones – The Comeback Show
WHEN: Sat 23 March
WHERE: Red Rattler
HOW MUCH: $18 + bf, tix here.

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