Mali Jo$e speaks on new EP BREEZECATCHER

September 7th 2023

  • :: MALI JO$E on Mornings with Ifeoma Obiegbu

At only 21 years old, Perth-based, rising hip hop star Mali Jo$e has delivered his brand new EP BREEZECATCHER. With energetic beats and intimate lyrics, the tracks on this EP take you on a lively journey that has playful moments of varying intensity. The rhythmic production has an easygoing quality to it, while also knowing exactly when to ramp it up and hype his fans. He sat down with Ife Obiegbu on Mornings to discuss their inspirations, friendship and the importance of taking a breath, and having fun.

Malis’ youthful spirit doesn’t falter and you can hear it in his music. BREEZECATCHER successfully incorporates the flings and flailings of living in the moment. ‘INNERwealth’ is the perfect track for when the sun is shining, the windows are down and you are cruising en route to the beach. Following this is an upbeat piano-layered production on ‘PRICE UP!’, the perfect bop to energise any moment. BREEZCATCHER is an ode to friendships and the spirited stage of life that is your early twenties, with the title EP referencing popular Perth slang.

“BREEZECATCHER is a terminology that we use in Perth to say, let’s catch a break… If people think about what a breeze is they can kind of understand what we are doing when we are catching a breeze.” 
“How me and my homies are when we are just chilling with each other.” 

The light-dappled cover visually hints at BREEZECATCHER being the successor to his first EP Sunseeker. Mali’s tracks are designed to be connected, for audiences to live and evolve with. The music is a flowing body of work, one project rolling into the other. Second in the trilogy, BREEZECATCHER follows alongside his debut works’ unique intimacy. 

“I am so in love with bodies of work… Creating a world for your audience to live in.” 

‘BREATHEOut’ and ‘BREEZECATCHER’ are standouts for Mail. With influential collaborations and punchy beats, Mali told Ife about the process of working with inspirations Cruz Patterson and Teether for the single ‘BREEZECATCHER’. 

 “When we are all kickin it, us three together, it is three generations. [Teether] was the first person I sent that song to… my verse was the last verse that I laid down. I just wanted to piece together this beautiful song that I had… That song means a lot to me.” 

Another hit ‘TAKE A BREATH’” has punchy drum and bass influences that separate it from the rest of the EP. The fast-paced track is the perfect hype-up and a favourite of Mali’s to perform live. Rising to such quick success, Mali discussed tackling the main stage, Listen Out 2022, and the rules for his dream show.

“One day I hope I can do that, the opera theatre… no distractions, no phones allowed”

Want to hear more from Mali Jo$e? Listen to his full interview with Ife up top, or stream BREEZECATCHER below.


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