Main Character Energy with Chelsea Warner on The Saturday Overhang

October 8th 2021

  • Chelsea Warner :: Interview with Issy Phillips

Chelsea Warner’s Instagram bio reads that she’s “in between existential crises.”  And you will definitely believe that reflection with her single Not In The Mood. Feel yourself with this one because it’s a sultry burner with all the self-assurance and sass you need. No evidence of a crisis here!

“It started off with me not being in the mood to not talk to anyone. Ended up, underneath the sassiness, being an ode to solitude and keeping your own company.”

About her debut EP, Chelsea talks about exuding main character energy. On it, she showcases richness in reflection and a mastery of moods. Because it ultimately helped Chelsea find herself, she hopes it will help you too.

“It’s a bit of a self-help thing: airing my dirty laundry.”

In titling the EP Drama, Chelsea mulls over the elements of the invisible audience one can have and feeling scrutinized by it. She highlights how these ruminations humble her.

“If you get to know yourself better, you become a little more self-aware: and you see the world a little differently. I feel like, through getting to know myself, I understand people a little better and have better relationships.”

So if you need a little bit of emotional catharsis, forget the dramas. And listen to ‘Drama’ instead. It’s a nourishing embodiment of retrospect and looking within. Above all, let it remind you to also be ~the~ main character of your own life. <3

“It helped me be a bit more sure of myself, and through that, be a bit more sure of my place in the world.”

Chelsea Warner’s debut EP “Drama” drops November 5. Listen to ‘Not In The Mood’ below.

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