LOVEU2BITS is BOY SODA’s sticky note on the high-risk, high-reward dichotomy of love

July 28th 2021

  • BOY SODA :: Interview with Courtney Ammenhauser

Drenched in pastel hues with red hearts dyed on his scalp, you’d be pretty right to brand Brae Luafalealo aka BOY SODA as an internet-age romantic.

The Terrigal-born singer, songwriter and producer chatted to Courtney Ammenhauser on Up For It about what he’s been up to under Sydney’s stay at home order, and the process behind his latest track ‘LOVEU2BITS’.

“I’ve been doing a lot this lock down, so music’s been at the height of its escapism for me right now…I just need a little warm sonic hug every now and again.”

His new single is a rose-tinted nostalgia trip filled with the adoring details of a lover, wrapped up in Brae’s smooth vocals and a richly layered melody that leaves you feeling warm inside. Written after a breakup, ‘LOVEU2BITS’ shows BOY SODA’s unique ability to embed the endless complexities of human relationships into his music. 

“I will always believe that love is high risk and high reward, and the risk is that we open ourselves up and become super vulnerable, but the rewards of doing that far outweigh the risks in my opinion. Cause that’s what love is all about…you have all these beautiful moments and sometimes at the end of a relationship, we forget those things.” 

As a young creative in a digital age, BOY SODA has an ardent appreciation for the past, his music documents the depth of his experiences as reminders for his future self. Luafalealo chooses to celebrate the rewards of love in his music, and ‘LOVEU2BITS’ is a declaration about the importance of self-reflection and vulnerability.

“I think as humans, we let ego get in the way of (love) too much, and I just wanted to remind myself that I gotta let that stuff go…It’s cool that I can release it as a three minute song that says all that, cause it stands there as a reminder for me as well.”

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