Love, loss and resilience: Mariam Sawires on The Snacc Pacc

July 14th 2021

  • Mariam Sawires :: Interview with The Snacc Pacc

Fall in love and heal yourself with a warm cup of Mariam Sawires. Sawires spoke to Del & Bek on The Snacc Pacc dishing on her latest, ‘The Healer’.

Egyptain Australian Songstress Mariam Sawires, effortlessly takes listeners on a journey of recovery, love and peace in her newest EP, ‘The Healer’. This is her latest project since 2017’s ‘Anhuma’.

From the intro to outro, expect to be hypnotised by Sawires’ musical talents. All her life, Mariam was surrounded by music. From attending Newtown Performing Arts to traveling to Japan for her talent, Sawires has had many experiences and moments that have inspired her to write and perform. ‘The Healer’ EP, Sawires says, was specifically inspired by the last two years of her life, as it was a difficult time for her.

“The Healer EP is basically a collection of songs that I’ve been working on over the last, I would say, three years. And I would say my favourite track is called ‘Healer’…Basically the last two years of my life were quite tough and these songs were kinda a way for me to share. The EP is basically for the people who are going through a hard time.”

Sawires also touches upon her personal relationship with her partner and how they’ve grown to heal each other. The balance between helping yourself and helping others.

“It’s about the idea that each and every single one of us has a healer within ourselves. That means we can heal ourselves and heal others but sometimes the healer in yourself needs nourishment.”

Throughout the harp compositions and harmonies, Mariam Sawires expresses her most vulnerable moments through melodic tones. Whilst showing her RnB and Soul influences, ‘The Healer’ showcases her versatility and growth as an artist.

‘The Healer’ EP is out now on all platforms! Sit back, relax (we recommend a bubble bath), and chuck on the full interview up top.

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