Kirin J. Callinan on Bravado: “It’s full of so many ideas that it’s confusing even for me”

June 26th 2017


  • Kirin J Callinan :: Interview with Samantha Groth


Kirin J. Callinan joined Samantha Groth on Wednesday Lunch to spin his new track ‘Friend of Lindy Morrison’ for the very first time. Chatting through his FBi Album Of The Week ‘Bravado’, he spoke about the album’s “poppy” sound, getting drunk as a creative tool and his top tips for making friends.

“I was in tears laughing making this record, and I was also drunk for most of the time… I think the album sounds like it – it has a lightness and a playfulness and freedom.”

When delving a little deeper, Callinan acknowledges there’s a lot more going on in his music.

“I think it’s full of so many different ideas that it’s confusing even for me. And, that’s why it’s exciting to me.”

By carefully blending pop elements with multifaceted lyrics, ‘Bravado’ isn’t quite as pop-centric as it initially sounds.

“I think the sound is poppy; I don’t think the themes are particularly poppy. It was fun to me to use these pop devices, use these big preset soft-synth and cheesy synth sounds and try to make the architecture of the album, on a first listen, really sound pop. But, pop music, to me is about well articulated, simple ideas, base level feelings or, ideas that are comprehensible and understood by many.”

With the help of some incredible contributors – Mac DeMarco, Conan Mockasin, and even Jimmy Barnes –  plus some inspiration from ol’ lady liquor, writing the new album was a joyous experience for Callinan.

“I have to tell ya, working with so many people is what made me even do it. I don’t know if I would have finished this record if it weren’t for all those guests. All the people that believed in it enough to want to be a part of it, and it just made the experience fun.”

Hear the full chat, as well as the on-air premiere of Callinan’s ‘Friend of Lindy Morrison’ above.