Rapper JK-47 on his recipe for change

June 12th 2020

Image credit: Oliver Gill

  • JK-47 :: Interview with James Brennan

JK-47 phoned into Midnight with James Brennan to mind-meld on lessons learned from Nipsey Hussle, Indigenous culture and becoming a father. Listen to their full and uncut chat.

“I’m better today then I was yesterday,” said 22-year-old JK-47 at the end of our 30 minute conversation.

We had covered everything from the deep fulfilment he’s felt in starting a family, to meeting his now iconic collaborator Nerve, to his thoughts on the fact that it took the murder of George Floyd in the United States to make many Australians step back and truly reflect on our own history.

“Have a good heart and try and right these wrongs that are being committed to us. Stand for what’s right. And to the people out there who don’t know what’s going on… go out there and learn. Keep your ears open. Be quick to learn and slow to speak.”

He’s an artist that sees the humanity within different perspectives, approaching issues faced from an inclusive and optimistic lens.

“We are angry… but you’ll find that it’s way easier to think when you’re in control. And if you’re in control then maybe you can write something. Create a body of work that can change the world. People have done that, and that’s what I want to do.”

JK-47 is currently working on a previously un-discussed album that’s right now being mixed by Brisbane’s primary export, Nerve. If the album manages to contain even a fraction of the wit, humanity and character JK that displayed throughout our conversation then one can only imagine that it will, at the very least, go down as one of 2020’s most notable releases.

Listen to JK-47’s interview in full up top, and stream his latest ‘The Recipe’ below.

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