Jennifer Loveless lays it down on Picnic with Kali

September 18th 2017

  • Jennifer Loveless :: Picnic

Over the past few years Jennifer Loveless has been steadily building what is now a truly faithful Australian house & techno following.  Hailing from Toronto originally, she has become a staple across Melbourne clubs like Boney, Lounge and New Guernica and lines up each Monday for her show, Weatherall, on Melbourne’s Kiss FM (not to be associated with the Sydney station of the same name….). The radio hour highlights much of the variety we see in our national electronic music landscape and is a testament to the breadth of her musical interest.

Kali had her come through for a mix on Picnic ahead of a recent Sydney date and it is succinct, varied and pleasurable. Check out the tunes below.


N’Conduit – MMO803
KB Project – Feel It
Station to Station – Bjorn Torske
Computer Liebe – Kraftwerk
Freestyle Man – On Vibes
Round One – I’m Your Brother (Quadrant Dub II)
Clara Intellecto – Contact
Alex Danilov – Midas Touch 
Helena Hauff – c45p

Catch the full show with Kali here or tune in next time between 8pm-10 on Fridays for Picnic!