Jack Grace plays ‘All Lost’ live & gets reflective with Alex Pye

November 14th 2016


  • Jack Grace :: All Lost (Live on Mornings)
  • Jack Grace :: Interview on Mornings with Alex Pye


Passionate, introspective and enthralling, Jack Grace is a promising newcomer to Sydney’s electronic music scene. This powerful live performance on Mornings has ensure his name is burned into our minds here at FBi. We think there’s a good chance you’ll feel the same!

In the studio, Alex Pye picked Jack Grace’s brain over his debut EP, River. Reflecting on the single ‘All Lost’ (which he performed live), it’s clear that melancholy themes underpin the young artist’s songwriting.

“For me, there’s an element of acceptance when I listen to it. I feel like when I made the song, it was me accepting the way things were – not so much constantly trying to fight for something, or push for something when I don’t know where it’s going,” Jack said.

“It was sad in that moment, but it was also liberating.”

Drawing heavily on his own experiences, Rivers offers something very personal and undeniably potent.

“I deal with loss, and there are moments where I try and have self-reflection on myself and what my place is,” Jack said.

No stranger to collaboration, Jack Grace has produced for Ngaiire and Buoy (who features on earlier single ‘Hills’). With his EP now out in the world, the young producer shared some plans for new projects – potentially working with Cleopold (who he met at BigSound) and rising Melbourne producer Christopher Port.

Listen to the full interview and performance above.