Cut Copy on making dance music that isn’t just for the club

August 2nd 2017

  • Cut Copy :: Interview with Samantha Groth

Having just released a brand new single ‘Airborne’, and with the promise of more new music to come, Tim Hoey and Mitchell Scott of Cut Copy joined Samantha Groth to chat getting old, but staying young.

Despite living spread out across the globe, Cut Copy continue to collaborate and create new music. They confess that although they may be approaching the media-imposed age at which they’ll stop clubbing and start collecting driftwood, their latest sounds show no signs of them slowing down.

Produced by Ben Allen (Gnarls Barkley, Deerhunter, Animal Collective), ‘Airborne’ was recorded in a small room with a single microphone, before being layered up during the production stage. This came from a “conscious decision to make it sound more like a band.” The reason behind that?

“I think we always try to make dance music that isn’t just for the club. You know, dance music that you’d like to listen to at home as well…and dance music that’s not alienating for people who, say, don’t like to go to a nightclub.”

It’s a selfless attitude to making music, and that outward-looking approach extends to Cut Copy’s fellow music-makers. “There’s really a lot of world class music going on… Even starting our own label years ago was based around the same motivation. We had a bit of a profile overseas and had friends at home who weren’t getting their records released. That didn’t seem right to us. We just wanted people to hear this awesome music that our friends were making in Australia.”

Listen back to the full interview above, as Tim and Mitchell chat engaging with chaos, Coober Pedy and the power of Dropbox on Wednesday Lunch.


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