Independent Artist of the Week: Simona Castricum

May 6th 2019

Photo by Alexandre Dubois

Giving us 80s synthwave we didn’t know we needed, Simona Castricum is warming us towards an endless summer in latest single, ‘The Half Light’.

If anyone is going to nail neo-80s cinematic nostalgia, it would be a child of the 80s themselves. But more than that, the history and experience that has led Melbourne’s Simona Castricum to this track, is enlightening.

She combines 20 years’ experience in Australia’s club and live music scene – across a number of outfits and sub genres – all the while sharing her performances, designs, art, architecture, installations and, most importantly, queer advocacy. It takes this constant treading of her own path to create such confident and poised music loaded with subtext.

With six albums, two EPs and an upcoming LP under her belt, she knows what she wants to do and say – and when. Simona’s next album will be out in July and features ‘The Half Light’ among the mix. It is produced by Melbourne musicians James Cecil (previously of Architecture in Helsinki) and Evelyn Ida Morris.

It is difficult to cover all Simona’s accomplishments and contributions, or track her musical journey so briefly. But, what we can say is; if the vibes on ‘The Half Light’ spark something in you, take a deep dive and rummage around Castricum’s repertoire – you’ll be better for it. You can find out all about Simona here.


WHO: Simona Castricum
WHERE: The Facility, Melbourne 
WHEN: Saturday 29 June – tickets here


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