Independent Artist of the Week: Married Man

February 25th 2019

Photo by Spike Vincent

Proving why you defs shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, Married Man starkly contrast the dull stereotypes their name elicits, instead delivering punchy punk x dream pop.

Responsible for one of our first Albums of the Week for 2019 – Hard Bargain – Married Man are the Sydney-based outfit that went from solo to trio, courtesy of singer-songwriter Sarafina Pea, bassist Kim Sukit (Photogenic) and drummer Marnie Vaughn (NO DOZ), in 2017.

With the album recorded live to tape and all analogue, Married Man have harnessed their swooning guitars and mystical layered harmonies to lush, atmospheric and fiery effect. Hard Bargain is a dark tangle of experiences resulting from heartache while focused on survival – “the ways in which we hang on to hope and find ways to dig out moments of love and joy even when we’re buried under a mountain of bullshit” as Pea puts it.

With 2018 spent smashing out searing shows and putting the finishing touches on Hard Bargain, 2019 is a time to continue “making some good music and playing rad shows,” Pea said when she chatted to Grace and Al.

Our pick is ‘Someone’s Got Your Number’ – a seedy late-night tale filled with jagged guitar pop. Give it a listen below.

WHAT: No Front Fences
WHO: Married Man, Ghostgum, Girl Germs, Hedy Blaazer and Treehouses
WHERE: Gorman Arts Centre, Canberra
WHEN: Sunday March 17


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