Independent Artist of the Week: Jamilla

November 18th 2019

JamillaImage credit: Jim Hall

Joining the infinite talent that flows out of W.A., Jamilla’s got your summer 2020 vibes sorted with her smooth, self-produced R&B that radiates heat. 

If you don’t wanna run the risk of feeling unproductive about your year, maybe don’t keep reading. If you do want to learn about an empowered, focussed and exciting voice in the next chapter of Australia’s music landscape, do keep reading.

Perth’s Jamilla has squeezed an awful lot into her 2019, and she’s not necessarily done yet. With a handful of songs under her belt, the singer-songwriter and producer made majority of her worldly alt-R&B tracks this year alone, toured the country and supported fellow hunnies imbi the girl, Thelma Plum and Tijuana Cartel as well as took three months to solely work on her production skills. And it shows.

With successive releases ‘Bloom’, ‘She’, ‘do you feel ashamed when you hear my name?’ and ‘Tired of the Sunrise’, Jamilla’s delivered gorgeous and honest self-expression across all elements of her tracks. She’s also delicately touched on subject matter such as the complexities of sexuality and gender, intersection of identity and race and addressed a familiar alcohol-driven culture and the elements of boredom that come with it.

This past year has also marked Jamilla’s first full year performing her music, too, and by all accounts, her glowy presence soars in a live setting.

All combined and Jamilla’s music is assured, smart and compelling for someone only really just starting out. So far, she’s consistently met her own standard, creating beautiful immersive moments perfect for late afternoons filled with warm, blue skies dotted with clouds. Get lost in some now:

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