Independent Artist of the Week: Honey 2 Honey

March 4th 2019

Photo by Grace Stevenson

Honey 2 Honey’s debut single Tone Of Voice says a lot while saying very little

With an EP out next month and full-length album in the pipeline, 2019 looks set to be a huge year for dub-R&B foursome Honey 2 Honey.

Originally a duo of Canberra’s Rory Stenning (Raus) and drummer Luke Keanan-Brown, the project has since incorporated Sydney members Del Lumanta (Gas, Video Ezy, Basic Human) and Daryl Prondoso (Phone, Basic Human), with the group now straddling the two cities.

Tone Of Voice, the lead single off their upcoming debut EP A Taste Of, marries an upbeat rhythm with Rory’s low, droning, repetitive vocals. The effect is hypnotic, and heavily indebted to their krautrock and post-punk influences like Can and Joy Division. The sparse, ambiguous lyrics convey both emotional intimacy and a paranoid anxiety, capturing an unsettling prospect of loss within an intimate relationship.

The group’s upcoming EP, A Taste Of, lands on April 5th via Chapter Music.

Check out the video for ‘Tone Of Voice’ below:



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