Independent Artist of the Week: Tilly Webb

May 11th 2021

Melbourne/Naarm based producer Tilly Webb has ambient soundscapes down to a fine art.

Her experimental worlds combine electronic and acoustic sounds to create cinematic experiences. Her experience scoring film and dance works shines through in her music, with each track taking you on a specific journey despite using very few words. 

On her debut EP ‘Paracosm’, Webb swings between grandiose soundtracks and light touch ASMR-like beats, whipping up audio storms and then breaking them down again. Initially beginning its life as a 45 minute solo dance piece choreographed and performed by Hadassah Wallis, Webb then adapted ‘Paracosm’ as a standalone musical work. This alternative life of the project is evident upon listening, as the EP truly draws the listener into its haunting world.

“It explores grief following the death of a loved one, memories fade and morph as the sound does until eventually you sit in a world constructed entirely from recollection.”

‘Paracosm’ uses a range of techniques to achieve this hazy whirlwind of memory. On ‘Reconstruction’, the most cinematic of the tracks, the piano is manipulated into a dramatic spectral sound. As the EP progresses, the structure of the tracks become less defined, with sections blurring into one. Instrumental repetition is balanced with small flourishes, allowing the tracks to flow around the listener. 

‘Paracosm’ shows that while Webb is adept at creating music to accompany a visual, she’s also just as comfortable creating the narrative through sound alone. With an album, a short film score and some collaborations due in 2021, ambient fans should keep an eye on Tilly Webb.

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