Independent Artist of the Week: Sweet Whirl

May 25th 2020

Image credit: Annie Llewellyn

Sweet Whirl’s damn delightful indie pop won’t overload you with sugar, but will definitely hit you with warmth for winter.

If you’re familiar with Scott & Charlene’s Wedding and Superstar, you’ve likely heard of Esther Edquist, aka Sweet Whirl. After spending almost a decade in the well-loved Melbourne outfits, Edquist has gone and made the collection of songs she truly wanted to make after years writing and recording solo music that didn’t quite feel as honest as this.

‘This’ being her debut album, ‘How Much Works’. Playing, writing, producing and recording 90% of the album, Edquist spent much of 2019 dedicated to making music that purposely didn’t sound like modern mainstream alt music.

Since the release of singles ‘Sweetness’, ‘Something I Do’ and ‘Patterns of Nature’, Sweet Whirl’s been making waves on the web across blogs and playlists galore, and comparisons à la Cat Power and Carole King have naturally cropped up…and, TBH, they’re not off base. On her trio of singles, she delivers comforting piano pop that’s both refreshing and familiar in the best way.

Lately we’ve been spinning ‘Patterns of Nature’, her self-described “Carole King moment”, where Sweet Whirl’s honeyed crescendo whips and whirls (sorry, not sorry) into a real beautiful listen that will have you pick up on something different each play. Dig in below.

Sweet Whirl’s debut album ‘How Much Works’ is out May 29th via Chapter Music. If you’d like to show her some support, you can check out her Bandcamp.

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