Independent Artist of the Week: Strict Face

December 2nd 2019


Image credit: Tiff Williams

Strictly beats and strictly unrestricted, producer Strict Face knows how to carve up a DF no matter what your vibe.

Four cuts for the gym, wild car chase or to liven up dinner prep.” Describing his music, Strict Face is vivid and on the money. Hailing from Adelaide, the producer and DJ has consistently released singles and EPs over the past five years while also delivering honed and unpredictable DJ sets.

He’s notched up an impressive list of support slots for the likes of Cashmere Cat, Diplo, Bok Bok, TOKiMONSTA and Machinedrum and mixes grime, pop, rap and R&B production influences with dancehall and percussion-heavy beats. If Strict Face’s repertoire sounds exhaustive, it is.

Over the past year, he’s not only released his debut mixtape, New Racer, but also put out a couple songs before pushing through a creative block, which eventually resulted in new music free of the expectations previously placed on his releases. These have now trickled into our eardrums via his latest EP Urgency.

“I hadn’t written music without having a grand plan for it in quite a while,” SF says. ”It was a nice change of pace to just write music that I could simply play out in the clubs, without worrying over how it would fit within a DJ set and though I’m always proud of everything I put out, this one brings a different kind of accomplishment for me.”

Get a taste of Strict Face pushing sonic boundaries below via the fun and flutey ‘Intraheat’ – and see if you can clock his cheeky hidden tribute to Vine while you’re at it.

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