Independent Artist of the Week: STRANDAWAY

June 8th 2021

Photo: Naturally by Noni Photography

Lake Macquarie’s STRANDAWAY, aka Zachary Colyer, specialises in rich vaporwave-adjacent electronic tunes that transport you to another dimension.

Primarily influenced by trap and vaporwave, STRANDAWAY tracks are short but pack a big punch. He began making music at just 17, and since then he has honed his craft into his eclectic electronic, culminating in the release of his debut album ‘Clockworks’ earlier this year. 

‘Clockworks’ contains 15 tracks that float between genre confines, although vaporwave ambience underpins most of the album. The fourth track ‘SLUM LOVER’ leans into a slower groove, with distorted vocals and woozy bass. It’s one of the more catchy tracks on ‘Clockworks’, with an earworm chorus that’ll have you hitting repeat for days. There’s an eerie side to the track too, with a haunting scale bookending the track and dissonant chords adding a sense of unease. ‘SLUM LOVER’ is a great example of Colyer’s production prowess, full of rich aural elements but never overwhelming. 

STRANDAWAY is holding down the fort for vaporwave in Australia, with tastes of other electronic genres thrown in for good measure. We’re confident Colyer’s layered production and knack for manipulating vocals should set him on the course to stardom. Stream ‘SLUM LOVER’ by STRANDAWAY below.

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