Independent Artist Of The Week: Mollusc

March 5th 2018

Photo by Andrea Blake

Dark, heavy and sinister, Melbourne duo Mollusc make searing darkwave jams for the end of the world.

Since the release of their first self-titled EP on cassette, multi-instrumentalists Emma Hart (HARDATA) and Mohini Hillyer (Habits) have teamed up with Melbourne underground label It Records to revisit their debut release. As a result, the EP’s been remastered and is finally available digitally and on (a super-limited run of) vinyl, packing a whole lotta punch with some A+ remixes thrown in as well.

Prepare yourself for a sonic assault (the good kind) via throbbing EP opener ‘Anxiety’. An eerie track overflowing with attitude, it instantly transports you to an illusory dystopia. With lusty riffs and the hypnotic repetition of the song title – ironically, to soothing effect – it’s not hard to picture yourself on the dancefloor, eyes closed and head swirling as the track pulses out.

Although the Melbourne duo recently played their last gig in celebration of the EP, there’s all the time in the world to soak up this tough, multi-faceted release with the hope that maybe we’ll have the chance to hear it again IRL some time. Stranger things have happened.

Mollusc is available now on Bandcamp.
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