Independent Artist of the Week: Zion Garcia

June 13th 2023

  • Zion Garcia :: interview with Lill Scott

Hit shuffle on Western Sydney rapper and producer Zion Garcia’s discography and he’s sure to offer up a little something you’ll love. From warm, silky, jazz-inspired brass sections to high-intensity, hard-hitting hip hop flows, his candid lyricism remains a thread throughout.

Zion isn’t an artist you can neatly place into the hip hop genre. Chatting to Lill Scott on Up For It! this week, he rattled off an assorted and glimmering list of influences whose music sits well outside hip hop. Ranging from The Gorillaz, Hiatus Kaiyote, Isaiah Rashad and Michael Jackson, his craft puts a spotlight on groove and vibe first and foremost.

“I feel like my process is kinda chasing a feeling as opposed to a sound. I love the feeling of a sound whatever the genre is. I don’t force it into hip hop but that’s just how it comes out.”  

Zion’s latest single  ‘MUNCH’ is a UK Grime-esque track that marks a clear evolution in his self-titled era, wherein he’s been able to bring forward his newfound skills after full-time uni into some fresh work.

“‘MUNCH’ I feel like is part of something bigger and I just wanted to lock into where I’ve been at for the last four or five years. Before I made it (‘MUNCH’) I felt like I always wanted a song that came in straight away and where the lines leave room for the crowd to interact with me. I feel like I didn’t have that before.”

Listen to the lyrics of ‘MUNCH’ and you’ll get a sense for how much Zion values community as he beams about his tight-knit crew along with clever nods to his Tongan and Spanish cultural heritage. And it doesn’t stop there. Making up one sixth of music collective Full Circle, it’s clear Zion’s found his place and his calling in music.

“Full Circle is everything that I ever wanted growing up. Just the idea of having people to talk to about music, to talk about shit you don’t usually get to talk about with people is such a blessing. They’re a great support system and I wish that for everyone. I feel like FC [Full Circle] is a statement to find your people and try find what you care about and do it 100%.” 

Keep your eyes peeled for this multi-talented up and comer. With the end of uni just around the corner for Zion, he’s hinted at a new release hitting our ears coming this October. In the meantime, you can stream ‘MUNCH’ below, or listen back to his full interview with Lill Scott up top. 


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