Independent Artist Of The Week: Wet Lips

August 7th 2017

A punch to the gut, a slap to the face, and a kick to the balls – Grace Kindellan, Jenny McKechnie, and until recently, Mohini Hillyer, are Melbourne feminist punk band, Wet Lips.

Formed in 2012, Wet Lips harness the unique frustration that comes with living in the world as a woman, transforming it into dirty, biting, three chord garage punk. Their self titled debut album released via Hysterical Records punches up with deadly accuracy. ‘Can’t Take It Anymore’ is a razor tongued anthem for diversity in the music scene, whilst ‘Period’ is the sonic equivalent of throwing a used tampon at a men’s rights activist who thinks women can “hold it in”.

Living in a world where women’s rights and safety are increasingly tenuous, Wet Lips is essential listening as both a battlecry against a system which robs women of their voice and a bolt of energy to anyone still fighting. Currently welcoming Girl Crazy’s Georgia Maggie to replace Mohini Hillyer (HABITS) as drummer, Wet Lips live show is as raucous as their sound. Listen to ‘Period’ below.



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