Independent Artist Of The Week: Two Steps On The Water

November 13th 2017

Melbourne’s Two Steps on the Water is a powerful musical project that sticks with you long after the music stops, built on raw emotions, off-kilter lyrics and haunting string arrangements.

The folk-punk quartet already have two LPs under their belt, ‘God Forbid Anyone Look Me in the Eye’ (2016) and their sophomore album ‘Sword Songs’ which was released in September via their very own label, Emotion Punk Records. Run by lead-singer June Jones, the label’s name is very much aligned with their sound.

Jones’ ability to articulate her emotional experience through lyricism is not only poetic, but hugely moving. Notions of identity are beautifully explored, and it’s not a simple kind of beauty either – it’s complex, confronting and cathartic.

Two Steps on the Water’s latest release ‘Hold Me’ sees swirling strings drift above gentle percussion, with honest vocals once again leading the way. If only baring your deepest darkest fears was always this easy on the ears.


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