Independent Artist of the Week: The Buoys

June 25th 2018

Image credit: Sophia Compton

A shuffled lineup, a solid stream of shows and an incoming second EP – the first six months for the new iteration of The Buoys has been productive, to say the least.

With a name very surprisingly not already snapped up, The Buoys are neither particularly nautical, nor male-driven. Instead, the femme four-piece thrash through their garage rock tracks with driving guitars and banging drums, paired with salty sweet vocals from singer-songwriter Zoe Catterall.

Following 2017’s Soft Boy (honestly, their title work alone deserve a decent slow clap), the band’s upcoming sophomore EP Split Lip was created amid a slew of shows this year between Newcastle and ‘Nulla, with supports for Big White and Pist Idiots in the mix. Addressing dating dramas and workplace woes, Split Lip acts as a “diary dumping ground,” according to Catterall.

Its first taste, ‘Blues Point Road’, is a confident bottle of delightfully punchy punk that tackles shitty moves by significant others and is set up to be electric live.

The Buoys are quickly proving they have a knack for exploring everyday uncertainties, disappointments and relatable experiences linked to relationships and self love, all to a satisfying soundtrack. With such a solid sound and gigs aplenty ahead, it’s an auspicious looking future for ‘em.

PS. Yeah, The Buoys:

WHO: Bachelor Pad with The Buoys
WHERE: Oxford Art Factory
WHEN: Thursday July 5
WHO: Chase City with The Buoys
WHERE: Waywards, The Bank, Newtown
WHEN: Thursday July 26

‘Blues Point Road’ is available on Spotify now.


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