Independent Artist of The Week: Swamp Fat Jangles

October 23rd 2017

South West Sydney five piece Swamp Fat Jangles create the kind of melancholic, bluesy folk that’ll make you want to curl up and settle in for the night.

Made up of Nes Cassey (vocals, banjo), Jessica Fitzpatrick (vocals, guitar), Jack Isackson (bass) and Hollie Matthew (vocals, drums), the delicate chords of Swamp Fat Jangles evoke good ol’ fashioned feelings of nostalgia. Think three part harmonies layered with whiskey-tinged banjo.

Over the last few years Swamp Fat Jangles have played across venues in Sydney, as well as hitting up stages at Vivid Sydney, Subsonic Festival, Newtown Festival, Nimbin Festival and Peats Ridge. Exploring the themes of gothic imagery in Australian landscapes, folklore, the highs and lows of modern society through their songwriting, the band’s latest track ‘You Only Say I Love You When You’re Drunk’ is a graceful little ditty about good times with good mates – what more could you want?

Treat your ears to their latest tune, below:

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