Independent Artist Of The Week: SOOK

March 12th 2018

Photo by Jack Thepsourinthone

Wollongong’s SOOK aren’t here to please you. The fierce trio are about far more than being your fantasy, sex toy or lover.

“I wish you’d choke me harder so I could die and get away from you” sings front woman Macayla Schwartz. It’s her stage presence, belligerent vocals and unapologetic prose, combined with punk vibes from Cheyne Howard and Sarah Stuart that brings this trio together on their debut single ‘I’m Not Your Woman’.

No doubt inspired by some of their favourite feminist figures and their guitar lines, including Sonic Youth and Bikini Kill, SOOK’s brazen lyrics and honesty poke fun at the idea of being soft, timid or easily upset. Instead, they call out the presumptuous and chauvinistic men of their past. It’s this attitude that has seen the band front support slots with Good Boy, Scumdrops and Horror My Friend.

As much more than a band who create punk feminist anthems, SOOK are a leading voice of Australia’s reinvented DIY punk scene, going in hard for local and female communities. Howard, Stuart and Schwartz spearheaded their own boutique festival SOOKFEST and have curated an upcoming all female talent showcase, GIRLS IN GONG. Combined with a recent signing to indie Sydney label White Lodge Records and an upcoming EP, SOOK are on the up and up.

Get acquainted with the trio, who aren’t your “wet wild women” below.

WHO: SOOK, Letters to Lions, The Moving Stills, TEX, Darcy Gervaise
WHERE: Finbox Boardstore, Thirroul
WHEN: Friday March 30
HOW MUCH: $15.29 – Tickets available here.
Listen back to SOOK on Arvos for FBi Radio’s International Women’s Day takeover.
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