Independent Artist of the Week: Sex Tourists

December 18th 2017

Sydney three-piece Sex Tourists create dark synth pop for your head, your heart & your feet. Built on drum machines and post-punk vocals, there’s a pulsating sense of intrigue throughout.

Ewan, Nicola and Darius have developed a truly unique sound, having released their excellent self-titled debut LP via Paradise Daily Records just last month. It’s intense, vulnerable and pretty damn captivating. While some tracks explore more negative life experiences like shame and loneliness, it also features light-hearted moments of lyricism too. Vulnerable and ominous, Sex Tourists makes for a charming listen.

Their recent track ‘Disconnect’ is a doomy, upbeat number, drenched in synth with a persistent drum beat that’s sure to get you moving. Put this one on repeat and keep your fingers crossed for a Sydney show real soon, to experience the full Sex Tourists effect.


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