Independent Artist Of The Week: Sensible J

July 10th 2017

Melbourne producer Sensible J creates percussive hip-hop beats with infectious levels of groove. It’s well layered, vibrant and guaranteed to make your body move.

He might have only just released his debut single, but Sensible J has been working his magic as an integral part of Australia’s hip-hop scene for quite some time. He is the producer behind Remi Kolawole’s soulful tunes, making up the second half of REMI. The pair also co-run the House Of Beige record label which is home to some of Australia’s best hip-hop talent.

His latest track ‘Fire Sign’ is a collaborative effort that sees Sampa The Great and Remi laying vocals down over his funky foundations. The three artists are a force to be reckoned with, having just wrapped up a hugely successful national tour. With a strong focus on community and empowerment, they’re not only taking local crowds by storm, but international stages too.

Keep your eyes and ears peeled for Sensible J’s debut LP which is set for release later this year. Until then, dig into the big beats below.



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