Independent Artist of the Week: Salllvage

October 13th 2023

  • :: Salllvage on Up for It! with John Troughton

You may find Salllvage with his ears to the Kombumerri Country grounds in which he is proudly from, collecting field recordings. The producer and DJ meticulously weaves found sounds into experimental productions such as his latest EP Lastwave, released on New Weird Australia.

Rowan Savage caught up with John Troughton on Up For It! to discuss the influences that have carried him through his artistic career, from Guy Ruin to Salllvage and beyond.

While it’s his dystopian soundscapes that take centre stage in Lastwave, Salllvage’s roots in the queer ballroom scene still linger within his evocative productions.

“The ballroom scene is an amazing place. There’s so many important things happening there. But as my work, just on a personal level, as my work kind of progressed, I was like, oh, I still want those clubby kind of influences on what I’m doing. But what I’m doing, where it’s located, I’m being called somewhere else.”

It was this calling that led to a more ambient approach to his work, as well as direct influences from sounds of water droplets and crows sampled by Le Chugas of Firo.

As an Aboriginal man, his methodology of field recordings brought him into a deeper relationship with his country, landing the EP into the hands of New Weird Australia: a match made in heaven.

“You know, I think that as Aboriginal people, we live in a post-apocalypse. I want sounds to be familiar, but also defamiliarised as well.”
“But it’s also then about having sounds that are recognisable, but also defamiliarised and have a bit of a haunting.I like to think that what I produce often has a haunting kind of quality to it.”

Listen back to the full interview above. You can also stream Sallvage’s electronic exploration into home country in his new EP Lastwave below. Witness him live with Alexis Weaver during the South by Southwest Showcase in Sydney on the October 19 – details here.


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