Independent Artist Of The Week: Press Club

May 29th 2017

Melbourne four-piece Press Club create energetic punk rock with self-assured vocals to thrash about to. It’s the kind of sound that’ll unapologetically slap you in the face from the moment you press play.

With just one single and only a handful of live shows under their belt, Press Club have an air of mystery about them. All four members are from Brunswick and tend to use home as a form of inspiration: the place’s constantly changing nature fuels their chaotic sound.

Earlier this month they released their debut single ‘Headwreck’ – an explosive track built on rawness and power. Entirely self-produced, it explores the notion of being in a relationship that lacks respect. Lead singer Natalie Foster empowers people to demand more, drawing you in with her authoritative vocals.

Press Club have released a bold new video to accompany their debut too. Filmed in a Collingwood warehouse, the clip is high energy and straight to the point – much like their sound.


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