Independent Artist of the Week: Palm Springs

November 19th 2018

Photo by Jamie Wdziekonski 

Palm Springs’ sparse, warm folk delivers on its promise of adventure with ‘Hollywood Failure’, the first single off of Palm Springs and Friends

Palm Springs is the song-writing project of Erica Dunn. Having performed and toured with Harmony, Tropical Fuck Storm, Steve Miller Band, the Drones, Lost Animal, and Don Walker, the Melbourne singer-songwriter created Palm Springs as an solo outlet for her writing. Originally formed in 2015 as a low-fi folk project with Raquel Solier (Various Asses, Fatti Francis), Sara Retallick (Golden Syrup, Jimmy Tait) joined in 2016 on bass. This trio became MOD CON.

While MOD CON continues as a three-piece, Palm Springs remains a solo song-writing project for Dunn, engaging a different energy and aspect of the craft. On their upcoming album Palm Springs and Friends, Dunn employs the help of two new collaborators, Paul Pirie and Steph Hughes. Channelling a deep outsider folk influence, the bulk of Palm Springs and Friends was recorded after Dunn was accepted into an artist’s residency program in upstate New York in 2017. Recorded to tape on analogue equipment, seven tracks were completed in a 10-hour burst, with an aim to capture a song without overthinking or extrapolation. What results are very raw and immediate takes.

Standout track ‘Hollywood Failure’ is a sparse yet warm folk pop tune perfect for spring. Check it out below:


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