Independent Artist Of The Week: OKBadlands

April 3rd 2017

OKBadlands will take you to far away places with their silky smooth electro-pop. The Brisbane duo’s elegant sound is a combination of warm harmonies, smooth vocals and just enough bass to keep things gritty.

Kate Gurren and Sally Latter are the brains behind the project and have been making music together since 2015. Each of them brings with them their own musical expertise – Sally on bass and Kate a jazz student. It’s a dreamy combination and will soon see them releasing their debut EP. The EP will feature 2016’s shimmering single ‘Dust & Gold’ amidst a selection of other soulful tracks. Self-produced and recorded, the duo have also been working with fellow Brisbane producer, Max Byrne (Golden Vessel).

Their latest single ‘PTY LTD’ is a well-layered track bursting with warm tones and textures. It’s full of depth and emotion, but manages to remain totally effortless, particularly when the high notes hit. These girls know how to groove.

OKBadlands will be celebrating the release of their EP very soon. Keep an eye out for tour dates!


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