Independent Artist of the Week: MUNGMUNG

March 14th 2023

  • MUNGMUNG :: interview with Lill Scott

Eora/Sydney-based rap and R&B artist MUNGMUNG is a like a rainbow in the music scene; not just because of her colourful aesthetic, but because she creates a beautiful audio tapestry that makes her discography hypnotic. Her powerful vocals, infectious melodies and clever lyrics all weave together.

It’s this vibrancy that earned MUNGMUNG the title of  Independent Artist of the Week. She joined Lill Scott on Up for It! in an hilarious interview covering her newest release Medicine, her artistic process, and what’s in store for her next.

“Actually, I wrote Medicine ages ago, towards the end of high school. I love to write in theme, if I get in a mood. I love to elaborate on these metaphors. I was kind of in this situation or trying to relate to a situation, in a romantic setting. I guess one can become super dependent on this person that might not be very good for them. I wanted to make that analogy that they were being like medicine. Then there’s that visual idea of medicine – the colourful pills. That visual was sticking in my head very strongly. I wanted to just create a world around that through song.”

The multidisciplinary artist starts her creative process with a blend of visuals, lyrics and melodies, then lets inspiration take over.

Most of the time if I’m in this hip hop state of mind, I might just start with one line and build the world around that. Most of the time I do come up with a chorus and a hook first so that’s very melodic. I just take that to the producer I’m working with. Other times I write it acoustically.”

On the rise, we can’t help but wonder what’s in store for MUNGMUNG. Whilst careful not giving away too much, MUNGMUNG hinted at some exciting new collaborations heading our way in the future.

Well there is something coming, but I love surprises so I might not say too much. The process so far has been a really rewarding one because there is a bit of a back catalogue. I have these songs that I have written since I was fifteen – seventeen. Obviously, I’ve been doing new stuff. I write really often, so there’s always new idea coming through. I guess let’s just say there’s a lot of content to pull from. I ain’t saying too much. It’s been really fun to obviously have made tracks with my collaborator from the beginning, [Tauese Tofa]. And obviously to meeting Taka Perry on the way and other people that I’m going to keep a surprise for now

She gifted us with a live performance on Monday with Lill Scott, but for those who need the full set (us!), she’s playing at the Phoenix Central Park next Thursday!

WHEN: Thursday 16th March, 6:30pm & 8:15pm
WHERE: Phoenix Central Park, Chippendale 
HOW MUCH: Free, Enter Ticket Ballot Here


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