Independent Artist of the Week: Motion Sickness

February 22nd 2023

  • Motion Sickness :: Interview with Mikayla Floriano

Sydney/Melbourne three-piece Motion Sickness is back, gracing our ears once again with their warm indie-rock sound on their latest track ‘This Body.’ Marsh’s commanding, velvety voice comes together with stand-out drumming from Cash Williams and effortlessly rhythmic bass from Harry Fuller. The trio dropped by Up for It! with Mikayla Floriano to talk getting back on the horse with their latest single.

Harry “With the pandemic, we kind of lost motivation like a lot of people did. And we really struggled to get back on top of that”.
Maia “We put our first song just a few months before the pandemic, now it feels like we are new band, but we’re not”

With two tracks under their belt already, Motion Sickness has big plans for 2023. The trio has emerged from their pandemic hiatus at high speed – moving full steam ahead on releasing the music they’ve been carefully crafting over the past two years.

Harry “We’ve been sitting on these tracks for ages, and just trying to release’s been quite nice to drip-feed, not that we are intentionally drip feeding, but it is quite nice to sit back and reflect on things.”
Maia “We want to put all we can into each release, we really want to reach people because we really care about the songs, and are really proud of them as well.”  

After releasing ‘Any Excuse’ in 2020, ‘This Body’ is their most recent track, and its catchy lyrics, soaring vocals, thundering bass, and alluring guitar sound makes it a force to be reckoned with. All this is made easy because of the obvious connectedness between each member, making writing music and jamming out an easy and succinct process.

Maia “This body was a quick one. It was a transition song, pretty early on when we were becoming a band. I had the majority of it pop out of me. And then I took it to the boys and did some workshopping. It came together very on its own.”
Harry “We finished it within one rehearsal. We left that rehearsal, being like cool there’s the song. There’s not much to do with it. That’s how we operate, we come together, and we nut things out, and really go for it. It never felt forced.”

As we wait for their next release (an album perhaps??) in early 2023, you can scream the lyrics, dance around your room to their undeniably euphonious beats, and show them the love they deserve via the Bandcamp link below. Most importantly, listen back to their interview with Mikayla Floriano up top.


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