Independent Artist Of The Week: Mookhi

April 10th 2017

Twenty-two year old vocalist, composer and producer Mookhi creates haunting, jittery soundscapes intertwined with ethereal, ghost-like vocals.

Growing up between Hong Kong and India, Moohki (real name Olympia Henshaw) draws inspiration from found sounds off the street, sampling her changing surroundings and weaving together a diverse, enigmatic collection of sounds.

Using midi controllers, effects and a multitude of launch pads, Henshaw produces downtempo electronic music straight from her home studio in Rockdale. Following the release of her widely successful single ‘Foul Play’ featuring Billy Fox, Henshaw has come forth with her gloriously textured debut EP Lost & Found.

Treat your eardrums with ‘Foul Play’, the playful gem-like dream below:


WHAT: Mookhi at Rare Finds 2nd Birthday
WHO: Hey Geronimo, Major Leagues, Bad Pony, Mookhi, Nocturnal Tapes, MOZA, The Khanz, Mount Zamia, Crocodylus 
WHERE: Oxford Art Factory, Darlinghurst
WHEN: Saturday 29 April, 7:30pm
HOW MUCH: $20 + BF vix moshtix


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