Independent Artist of the Week: Miss Kaninna

December 4th 2023

  • :: Miss Kaninna interview on Arvos with Bri Kennedy

“Why would I not pay homage to my community and the women around me? Because when we’re liberated as a group, I’m liberated. It’s not a one-person fucking battle. We’re all in this together.”

Our Independent Artist of the Week, Yorta Yorta, Kalkadoon and Yirendali woman Miss Kaninna joined Bri Kennedy on Arvos to chat about the production and release of her latest single ‘Pinnacle Bitch’ and her experiences navigating the so-called Australian music industry. She also dropped some hints surrounding an upcoming EP, noting that she can’t be contained to one genre.

Listen back to Miss Kaninna’s full interview on Arvos with Bri Kennedy above. Buy/stream ‘Pinaccle Bitch’ on Bandcamp below.


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