Independent Artist of the Week: Midas.Gold

November 26th 2018

Photo: Michelle Grace Hunder  

Quality hip hop straight outta Brisbane? It would’ve seemed like a long shot not too long ago but Midas.Gold’s got a place in Aussie hip hop’s new guard.

Considering the history and output of hip hop from the US West Coast, it sounds kinda crazy that a kid born in that part of the world is now pumping out solid hip hop in his second home of Australia, rather than back in the US. But, that’s what Brisbane’s Midas.Gold is doing, and he’s not here to play.

Since releasing his impressive debut track ‘000000’ in 2015, Midas has continued to produce honest, outspoken and ambitious tracks dusted with a multitude of influences from trap to dance to UK garage to good ol’ pop.

These past few years have shaped Midas considerably if his latest material is anything to go by, with his confidence and artistry amplified in his trio of tracks (alongside producer James Angus), ’19 Forever’, ‘Suffer in Silence’ and ‘Passions.’. Addressing what he’s been through physically and mentally of late, the tracks deliver moments of poignancy, introspection and fiery energy respectively.

It’s instantly clear when listening to Midas.Gold that the man’s got a lot to say, so keep your ears pricked…we have a feeling there’s plenty more to come.


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