Independent Artist of the Week: Mango

August 13th 2018

Photo by Sam Stephenson

With a debut record that’s equal parts sci-fi utopia and raw, four-on-the-floor throwback, Mango’s soulful spin on house music heralds an alternative future

Mango, aka Max, is a club-ready house experimentalist from Sydney’s Inner West. Classically trained in piano and French horn from a young age, his early exposure to jazz, soul, and hip hop saw him turn to a focus on making beats. This background informs his sample-heavy approach to dance music, raiding his own eclectic influences to produce energised soundscapes.

With his debut release, ‘Mood Organ EP’, named in reference to a Phillip K. Dick novel, it comes as no surprise that Mango’s music draws thematically from science fiction and futurism. In his music, Mango’s beloved MPC 1000 becomes its own kind of ‘Mood Organ’, delivering moving, forward-thinking sounds made strictly for dancing, from peak time cuts to sun down/sun up groovers and low slung broken club tracks.

With more music on the way soon, Mango is definitely one to watch in Sydney’s electronic underground.

Check out ‘Slinky’ below:



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