Independent Artist of the Week: Makeda

January 20th 2019

Photo by Hyun Lee 

Makeda brings an avant-garde sensibility to underground club music with ‘Me, First’, the lead single off an upcoming EP which ‘explores the colonial histories of Australia and the UK’

Melbourne-based musician, DJ and artist Makeda creates imaginative dance music with a left-field sonic palette and an implicit social commentary. Taking a holistic approach to her artistic undertakings, Makeda brings an avant-garde sensibility to underground club music. Her dedication to experimentation and storytelling have seen her perform at Dark Mofo, Soft Centre, Vivid and Next Wave alongside artists like Oscar Key Sung and Air Max ’97.

Drawing on her familial connection to London’s Afro-Caribbean community, Makeda’s indebtedness to jungle, breakbeat and bass music is on display in ‘Me, First’, the murky first single off her upcoming EP Lifetrap. At the same time, Lifetrap represents an estrangement from that heritage. ‘I was fascinated by how I was connected to the community at the same time as feeling really isolated from it. I’m coming at it like an alien’ she says of the project, and this sense of alienation comes through on ‘Me, First’.  The track, released on Melbourne label Nice Music, deploys techno textures and a deep low end to maximum effect.


Check out ‘Me, First’ below:




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