Independent Artist Of The Week: Jikuroux

July 17th 2017

Sydney-based producer Jess Lavelle aka Jikuroux creates stunning soundscapes built upon scattered percussion and shimmering synth. Playing with multiple textures, her music is spacious and cavernous, elegantly articulating lucid introspection.

Lavelle’s experimental approach is capturing the ears of many – just last month she made her European debut with a show at Berlin’s infamous Berghain. Playing as part of the DECISIONS showcase, she also recently released her ‘Cradle Bay’ EP on the Air Max ’97 run label.

Her latest single ‘Themed Break’ is a complex track that reveals itself in a very minimal manner. It’s four and a half minutes of pure intensity, where jolting drums are balanced out by gentle vocal harmonies. That’s something Jikuroux has truly mastered – balance. Each moment of darkness is levelled out by a consistent sense of calm amongst the chaos, or as she puts it, “reimagining anxiety as something beautiful.”

Cutting loose from the more typical house and techno constructs, Jikuroux’s scattered beats aren’t your regular club tracks, yet are still at home on the dancefloor. Equal parts intricate and intense, metallic and human, it’s music to get lost in.



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