Independent Artist Of The Week: Jaala

April 23rd 2018

Jumping time signatures, jangly guitars and jazzy vocals. Let the textured sounds of Melbourne’s Jaala entice you.

“You’ve most definitely got some gold buried up in that horn / H-h-horn” sings Cosima Jaala breathlessly on her first single in three years. The lead singer, producer and guitarist of Jaala has said that she struggles to identify tempo; with an affinity for dissonance through jagged tempos, it’s her soft yet coarse, sultry but cute vocals that add to the charm of what is so much more than a pretty ditty.

Since the release of her debut album Hard Hold, a release that featured on a slew of ‘best of’ lists, Jaala has reconfigured itself with the addition of Carolyn Schofield on synth. With this change, Cosima, Carolyn and drummer Maria Moles have moved towards a more haunting, dreamy experimental pop movement, away from the guitar shredding prog rock vibes of the past.

Since slowing things down a notch, get amongst Jaala’s reintroduction on new album, Jooyna Spirit. The kawaii-killer attitude is still there, but more tender, vulnerable and restless at the same time. On second single ‘Sames’, “I don’t want to stay the same” is repeated over a growing beat and a changing melody throughout. Continuously evolving, there are many facets to Jaala, and we’re only just skimming the surface.

Get acquainted with ‘Horn’ below.


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