Independent Artist of the Week: Henri O.R. Asar

September 3rd 2018

Photo by Bethan Cotterill 

Henri O.R. Asar is here to soundtrack your early-spring sun with his unfixed, IDM-influenced ambient soundscapes – music to get lost in.

Henri O. R. Asar is the anagram alias of Harrison Rae, the now-Sydneysider who massages amorphous electronic soundscapes into danceable club shapes. After making the move to the big smoke from the land of bananas & blueberries (Boambee, obviously) H.O.R.A. revelled in the local electronic scene, particularly thanks to Verge Gallery’s Double Vision shows.

While he counts Teebs as an early ambient influence, his intro to east coasters T. Morimoto and Enderie at DV’s gigs fundamentally shaped his music production, upping the BPMs and diversifying the layers of percussion.

Now, it’s J. Albert’s work that resonates most for H.O.R.A. and his current direction. “I can listen to the music for the drums and dance, or alternatively you can listen to it and lose yourself in those wet synthesizers. That’s something I aim to achieve in my music” he says.

On H.O.R.A.001, his first EP, those carefully considered influences take shape with varied sounds, pace and even some delightful native bird calls and opener ‘Transit’ is a perfect illustration of H.O.R.A.’s approach with its heady balance between spacious synths and frenzied drums.

H.O.R.A.002 is to due to drop first week of October. Peep Club Moss on FB for more on H.O.R.A.


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