Independent Artist of the Week: Guano C

February 13th 2024

  • Guano C :: interview with Ify & Benny

On his debut single ‘YOU CAN SCREAM.’ Guano C enters the Sydney scene no holds barred with a catchy bass riff, punchy vocals and the energy of a sweaty mosh-pit.

While this is his first solo streaming release you’ve likely heard him on our airwaves before, featuring on emjaysoul tracks like ‘thursday’ and ‘WAY2REAL’. Joining Ify and Benny in the studio on Up For It, the Western-Sydney rapper talks graduating from feature artist to solo artist.

“I’ve been making music for a long time. I taught myself how to play guitar when I was probably like 13 or 14. I released some stuff on SoundCloud, but it was really crap, but eventually I got decent.”

‘YOU CAN SCREAM’ demonstrates Guano C’s versatility, pivoting from emjaysoul’s 90s hip-hop inspired production to a frenetic, guitar-driven beat in the vein of Paris Texas.

“I do so much different stuff, but it sounds like me because it’s all coming from like my head, it’s all coming from the same voice…That is kind of my genre at this point, it’s just mischief music.”

2024 is already shaping up to be a big year for the artist, who promises plenty of live gigs and weekly releases on Soundcloud (including more collabs), and he’s not winding down anytime soon.

“I’m just kind of doing it for me because I don’t know what I’d do without it. I don’t have any hobbies. I’m incredibly obnoxious, I don’t do anything other than write things that rhyme and then say them into microphones. If it pays the bills someday, that’d be sick, but if not I’m sticking with it.”

Listen back to the full interview on Up For It with Ify and Benny above. You can stream ‘YOU CAN SCREAM.’ on Spotify and Soundcloud below.