Independent Artist Of The Week: Great Outdoors

August 28th 2017

Melbourne’s Great Outdoors can’t be defined by a single genre. Sporadic bursts of krautrock shift effortlessly into emotive garage rock moments without warning. It’s a charming journey filled with genius tempo shifts, straight up lyrics and hooky Television-esque guitar in all the right places.

Frontman Zachary Schneider (Totally Mild, Free Time) started Great Outdoors as a solo project, but made room for two new recruits with Dylan Young and Max Sheldrake-Falovic joining towards the end of 2016. The reincarnation as a trio brought with it a little more speed and one of the most exciting local releases of 2017,’Fake News’. As its title suggests, it’s an album filled with clever political commentary and, well, some highly infectious, crisp jangly pop.

Their latest single ‘Keep Your Focus’ maintains a persistent pulsating groove from start to finish. It’s raw, with fast percussive drums and a thriving bassline that’ll keep you on your toes.

There’s never a dull moment with Great Outdoors: you never know what’s coming next and that’s the true beauty of it. Dive in and watch the clip below.

WHO: Great Outdoors
WHERE: Golden Age Cinema & Bar, Surry Hills
WHEN: Thursday 5 October, 8pm
HOW MUCH: Free! More details here.
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