Independent Artist of the Week: Freezer

July 26th 2023

  • Freezer :: on Arvos with Al Grigg

Introducing our Independent Artist of the Week, Freezer. Think DIY. Think gritty, dissonant guitar music. Think about head-banging, feet-stomping, and hands-pumping. They joined Ruby and Al on Friday Arvos for a chat about their live shows, their new EP .​.​.​i do my part by not killing spiders, and the community they’ve built within the scene.

Having met in high school in Batemans Bay, Freezer initially built their idiosyncratic sound during lunchtime rehearsals. Coming from a rural area, they struggled to find venues to play at, and their first shows at unexpected scenes: a steak restaurant, a concrete yoga studio, barns, and, finally, the muddy underground basement of a house. Throughout it all, Freezer worked hard to build community with similar-sounding bands across Australia.

“It’s really nice after a long time of looking and searching to have actually found those bands and that sound. And they found us – likewise. It’s a real mutual respect and care.”
“It’s so interstate, with people from Newcastle, Adelaide, even people from Brisbane that like our stuff and vice-versa. They are very far apart but we still found each other.”

As a band, they’ve learnt to reflect and grow as they reach their second birthday, a change you can hear in their sound, style and also in their approach to their more recent live shows.

“Ideally there’s a projector… we have this particular documentary we project onto the background. It’s a snow monkey documentary – an old 80s snow monkey. Cooper runs around, Lachlan stands there. I flick my hair around a lot. Broken drumsticks. Yelping. Just a lot of yelping and sobbing, because we don’t really know what to say.”

Freezer played their debut show in Sydney over the weekend, and from here there’s only more to look forward to. The band has exciting things planned – gigs and tasty new releases to keep your eye out for. In the meantime, listen back to their interview with Al up top and stream/buy their latest EP below.


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