Independent Artist Of The Week: Forevr

September 26th 2017

Innovative four-piece band Forver create spooky future/shoegaze that’s “stylish to the point of being ostentatious”.

Based in Brisbane, the band consist of members Donovan Miller (guitar), Sam George-Allen (synth & vocals), Thomas Roche (drums) and Kate Mackenzie (bass). They released their first single as a four-piece, ‘Petrichor’ in November last year and have since toured with The Smith Street Band, as well as supporting PVT and Explosions In The Sky this year.

Forevr ‘s most recent LP’s – ‘Classics’ and ‘Death Is A Miracle’ reflect dark fragments of the human psyche, accessed through “sleep deprivation, weird obsessions and staring at a wall at 3am thinking about caves.” Their lyrics cover everything from artificial intelligence to sibling relationships to “a prom blown away by a tornado.” So you know you’re in for a treat, to say the least.

Immerse yourself in the latest track from Forevr, below:

WHO: Forevr, The Scientists, Some Jerks
WHERE: Triffid, Newstead QLD
WHEN: Saturday 4 November
HOW MUCH: $51.55 – Tickets here

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