Independent Artist of The Week: Emma Davis

July 31st 2017

Emma Davis creates warm, textured soundscapes with intricate guitar compositions. Carefully woven with mature and sincere song-writing, her creations are immediately captivating.

After a seven year hiatus from writing, Sydney-based songwriter Emma Davis has returned with an evolved sound. Ever the innovator, Davis built a shared studio in a local furniture joinery and re-found herself through music; collecting sounds and building her sonic foundations.

Less folky and more synth-laden than her earlier work, Davis’ trumpet-specked new single ‘Getting Better’ is the first taste of what’s to come. Generously honest, the track is an ode to anxiety and loneliness. “To me, the song is about thinking and overthinking and realising you may not have things any more sorted the older you get” Davis explains. “I wanted to give an insight into someone trying hard to have a solo adventure, struggling to make it work at every step but, ultimately, being comfortable in their own sadness.”

She’s just released a dreamy Wes Anderson-esque video for the single, filmed around the Illawarra Coast and directed by cinematographer Sam Brumby.

Keep an ear out for her forthcoming album ‘Demons’, and catch her live on the Golden Age stage. For a sneak preview of what to expect, listen back to her acoustic version of ‘Getting Better’ live on The Bridge.

WHO: Emma Davis & Ainsley Farrell
WHERE: Golden Age Cinema & Bar, Surry Hills
WHEN: Thursday 17 August, 8pm
HOW MUCH: Free! More details here.


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