Independent Artist Of The Week: Dying Adolescence

March 6th 2017

Dying Adolescence is the lo-fi bedroom pop project from Sydney’s Mikey Barker. It sees the 19-year-old bare his soul via his warm, melodic and honest songwriting skills.

With a Daniel Johnston sticker garnishing his guitar and covers of Alex G and Porches sitting proudly on his Bandcamp, it’s clear that Dying Adolescence is making sense of the world through a unique DIY lens.

Barker released his debut EP Lonely earlier this year – a series of songs written throughout the final months of 2016. Taking us on a dark but honest journey, the standout track ‘Crazy’ hits you straight in the feels. Barker’s reverb-drenched-vocals convey a sense of pain, yet they’re strangely therapeutic at exactly the same time. It’s heavy subject matter, but combined with simple drum beats, glimmering guitar and synth, it somehow leaves you feeling pretty damn hopeful.

He will soon be releasing tapes of his debut EP via Z Tapes, a Slovakian cassette label who specialise in lo-fi bedroom pop.

Lay your fears out on the table, kids. It’s time to indulge in a Dying Adolescence kind of crazy.


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