Independent Artist Of The Week: Divide And Dissolve

April 24th 2017

Neo-classical heavy doom duo Divide and Dissolve are one tough act to define.

With Takiaya Reed (guitar, saxophone) and Sylvie Nehill (drums), the pair create highly intense, experimental metal designed to shake you through to your damn core.

The band make music with the intention of dismantling colonialism and empowering black and Indigenous people across the world, using guitar, drums, saxophone and live effects. Divide and Dissolve have already performed sold out shows around Australia and toured around the US and Canada. The duo recently announced a string of Aussie tour dates, following the release of their debut EP, Basic. Be prepared to experience the pair in action; rumour has it their walls of amps fill rooms, and they are extremely, extremely loud live.

Wrap your ears around the commanding, enlightened ‘Black Love’ by Divide and Dissolve, below:

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