Independent Artist of the Week: Classic

March 29th 2023

  • Classic's Ashley Bundang :: Interview with Lill Scott

South Coast indie pop band Classic is the brainchild of Ashley Bundang. The band has been working tirelessly with five releases over the past year and they’ve just released their debut album Did You Have Fun? with nine tracks to listen to on repeat. It’s an energetic record by the five-piece band complete with insightful lyrics and a catchy melody. Ashley joined Lill Scott this week on Up For It! to chat about the band’s musical journey (as individual members and as a group), Did You Have Fun?, and advice for emerging artists.

From yoga teachers to musicians, some of the members of Classic weren’t experienced before joining the band. Each member had a distinct part in the production of the band’s tracks, bringing new ideas and concepts to the drawing board. They’ve learnt together on the go.

“I didn’t actually pick up my first instrument till I was around 21. And at that point, I’d met a friend group who played in a band and I expressed interest in maybe learning music, but I didn’t really have that confidence. I was very fortunate that they really encouraged me to learn an instrument and play in their bands…. I think that with the varying degrees of experience [in Classic] comes varying tastes and sensibilities and confidence that each member of the band does have, even if they haven’t been playing music for very long.”

You can hear the Classic’s connection, and how the members all work together to produce tracks that are lyrically introspective, and yet melodically fun.

“In terms of the role that I played. It was very much song based. I think that some songs I had more of a direction with how things should go. But having said that, I was very open to everyone’s input. If someone had come with the starting element, then we can kind of build upon what their vision was for the song was as well. So, it was very much song by song kind of basis.”

Classic’s most recent release, their debut album, creates an intense insight into topics such as grief, motherhood, racism and friendship. Combining that with the band’s classic jangly pop sound and ethereal harmonies, Did You Have Fun? offers an incredible juxtaposition between heartbreak and dancing bare feet in your living room.

“It feels quite surreal to be honest. It’s been a work in progress for a little while and then once it was done, it was dormant for a little while as well. But that was also a very considered thing. Like we didn’t really want to rush it either…feeling very proud of it and really welcoming a lot of the feedback that’s come through, which has been really positive.”

It’s keeping summer memories alive as Sydney succumbs to Autumn, with their celestial harmonies, and soothing synth by band member Amber Webb, new wave sounds from guitar and bass by Sophie McComish and Christie Crawford, complemented by drummer Christie Bosworth and to pull it all together, Ashley Bundang on lead vocals.

Listen to Ashley’s chat on Up For It! up top, or check out Did You Have Fun? and where you can see Classic live over the next couple of weeks down below:

When: 6th April, 2023
Where: The Servo in Port Kembla
How much: $15 online / $25 on the door. Tickets here..


Who: Sunfruits Album Tour w/. Classic
When: 13th May, 2023
Where: The Landsdowne Hotel
How much: $27.49, tickets here…


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